Oh Stewardess | Hotel Review: Westin Crystal City

This unsolicited review is the letter I sent to the general manager after my stay at the Westin.

It may appear that I don’t get out much. On the contrary, I spent 8-years waking up in a different hotel bed every other night. The hotel staff and management are usually kind to the flight crew. Still, it was nice to see how the other half travels. This time, the third in 8-years, I was a guest on an extended vacation. I wasn’t disappointed.

Without further ado, the letter.

Let me begin by stating that not only did the Westin Crystal City staff welcome me, I felt they appreciated me. The staff gave consistent service from check-in to check-out. My stay was beautiful. I was tempted to leave my resume for employment consideration. I thought, what an honor to work with such a hospitable organization.

But I digress.

My mother and I checked in on Monday, May 15, and departed on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Sal, which I believe is short for Salvatore, checked me in.
Although my mother was also checking in as a hotel guest, Sal insisted she was to be taken care of separately. In hindsight, I realized this was a nice touch. Sal and the Guest Relations coordinator, who checked in my mother, coordinated their actions. They ensured my mother, and I occupied rooms on the same floor but not adjoining. Again, this was great foresight and attention to detail, as both coordinators anticipated our need for privacy. Our rooms were spacious and clean. There was a generous supply of amenities. Starbucks Pike Roast is a great-tasting coffee and my favorite blend. Since I also purchase Tazo teas, I felt right at home.

Link: Shower stall RM 511

The White Tea Heavenly Spa brand soap, body, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner are excellent choices for body care products. The bath, hand towels, and washcloths were plentiful. Although, I could have used a vanity kit and shower cap in room 511.

Link: Peek into the hotel room.

My mother stayed in the room (503), and although she didn’t request a refrigerator, her room had one. Her prescription needed refrigeration. She was prepared to put it in an ice bucket to keep it cold. It wasn’t necessary thanks to the staff anticipating the guest’s needs.

Case-in-point, after check-in, unsure where to eat, we returned to the dining area, Nutrio. The hostess seated us immediately, even though the dining area wasn’t open. Excellent accommodation, service, and food were perfect.

So, fried flatbread isn’t precisely healthy bread. But it was delicious with the Spinach Artichoke cheese dip. The chef broiled my Angus burger to perfection. The grilled Asparagus was delicious. My mother enjoyed her Crabmeat burger, fries, and Arugula on the side.

When my mother expressed interest in the location, the hostess took the time to discuss real estate in the area. I’m sure that is above and beyond the service requirements, but very much appreciated.

The halls were quiet even though my room was close to the elevator. Upon awakening the following day, I noticed a welcome letter under my door. It was an invitation to cocktails that evening.

I didn’t think I could be more pleased with my stay. Then the delightful presentation of cocktails and hors d‘oeuvres offered complimented our host “Mr. John Jordan, Associate Director of Sales. In context, we were at the hotel during the week. We saw a parade of people on their way to work. Those who didn’t appear robotic seemed to hate going to work. Mr. Jordan was the antithesis of the would-be drones. He was a joy to speak with and appeared to enjoy his position.

As a Marriott Rewards Gold member who just lost her Platinum status, I’ve stayed at enough Marriott properties to know the difference between SPG and Marriott properties. So, when I asked questions about the merger, Mr. Jordan was knowledgeable and assured me that most of the behind-the-scenes mixing of the cultures wouldn’t impact the guests. He was right. I could link my SPG and Marriott accounts and receive the gold treatment. Mr. Jordan was welcoming and accommodating.
He left a lasting impression on me, as did all the staff.

I recommend Westin Crystal City to anyone visiting the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Thank you for a wonderful time.


  • Broken Desk Lamp was reported to repair resolved
  • In-room dining
  • Request for more Starbucks pike roast coffee. Housekeeping came immediately.
  • Fitness center:  Elliptical and treadmill needed repair. The Center had ample water, fruit, towels, and other exercise equipment.
  • The property is centrally located. Close to Crystal City underground mall. It’s also a few blocks from a dining district.

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