The title of this blog came about after thinking,

“if my life were a magazine what would be my title?”

I came up with Actuate which, per M-W.com means:

 (1) To move into mechanical action or motion – (2) to move to action

This describes my life to a “T”.   Some people act, some react, some create but growing up, I was that kid in the group who came up with the wild ideas, put them into motion and moved others to action.

I learned early on, as an only child, (my only brother was born more than a decade later) that I was responsible for my own fun – and if I wanted to have some, it was up to me make it happen.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for those, friends and foes alike, who were sucked up in my vortex would soon come to realize that sometimes those “great ideas” would result in disasters.  Not often, though.  And no one lost a life, an eye or anything; just a bit of singed hair, hurt feelings or maybe or a broken leg or two.

But being in my orbit isn’t all bad; I tend to see the possibilities and potential in others and spur them into action too.  Helping others, including my three daughters, see their individual greatness has been the joy in my life.   Here in Actuate, (the blog) I’ll do my best to communicate some of those leadership stories and successes.  That is, if I can figure out how to do it without breaching anyone’s confidence.    ~Mel

Post script:

Below is my debut novel “Sleeping with a D-Man”.  I wrote this novel for my oldest daughter who was on her way to WVU to major in Forensic Science on full scholarship.  Outside of weekend camp or visiting with her father she’d never really been away from me or home.  So, I wrote a parable to share with her the importance of “knowing thy self” before hooking up with a mate – and I wrote it to scare her straight.  It worked – today, she’s a lawyer working on high-profile contracts.  Just kidding, I didn’t scare her but it is a novel that dabbles in the occult/supernatural and it’s written for the new adult audience (18-24). If you know someone who can benefit from a cautionary tale  of supernatural romance; it’s available on amazon, Lulu or you can purchase an autograph copy directly from me.   Thank you in advance.      SWADM

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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