My maternal great-aunt told me when I was about two-years-old; I would visit her with pencil and paper in tow. I thought that odd for a two-year-old but two score later, I find that the only difference is I’ve traded the pencil and paper for a notebook computer and I’m still writing away the time. Storytelling is my passion. For me, telling stories is the best form of expression.

I began my publishing career early, having worked for two major publishing houses in the marketing department but it wasn’t until the late 90s did I really get a chance to hone my writing skills in broadcast journalism. I am a 8-year veteran of broadcast journalism, having worked as a News Anchor, Reporter, and Newscast Executive Producer for a CBS Network Affiliate and a Clear Channel Communications Radio Station in the Ohio Valley. I’ve written and produced several documentaries for Radio and TV; including several news segments for CBS’ “48 Hours” News magazine.

I’m telling stories without pictures, now.  For example, in my debut novel “Sleeping with A D-Man”, I offer a vivid account of a redeeming but tumultuous love story that begs the question “What wouldn’t you do for love?”    Read an excerpt here in Paranormal Romance.   Buy your autograph copy here.

There’s a memoir in the works too. So, You Want to Be a Flight Attendant : A Memoir  covers my 8-year journey around the world and back.  My journey started as a reaction to flight or fight response to perceived danger  and ends with insight on how to conquer your fears by preparing for danger in a world that seems unstable.


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~ Mel

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