My maternal great-aunt told me as a two-year-old, I would visit her with pencil and paper in tow.

I thought that odd for a two-year-old but two score later, I find that the only difference is I’ve traded the pencil and paper for a notebook computer. And I’m still writing away the time. Storytelling is my passion and the best form of expression.

I could be biased, though. I began my career in marketing working for two major trade book publishers, G.P Putnam’s Sons and Penguin USA.

In the late 90s, I honed my writing skills in broadcast journalism working for CBS Network Affiliate and a Clear Channel Communications Radio Station, both in the Ohio Valley.

As an award-winning veteran broadcast journalist, I’ve written and produced several documentaries for Radio and TV; including several news segments for CBS’ “48 Hours” News magazine.  Oh, did I mention I also did my share of daily news reporting and anchoring television newscasts?

Now, I’m telling stories without pictures. In my debut novel “Sleeping with A D-Man” I offer a vivid account of a redeeming but a tumultuous love story that begs the question “What wouldn’t you do for love?”

Read an excerpt here in Paranormal Romance.   Buy your autograph copy here.

There’s a memoir in the works too. So, You Want to Be a Flight Attendant : A Memoir  covers my 8-year journey around the world and back.

A flight or fight reaction kicked off my journey. If you guessed I chose “Flight” you’d be right. And along with the option, came the opportunity to visit the four corners of the earth.  Check out my memoir for the winged wisdom I gained along the way.

In the meantime, look around. If you’re a traveler looking for a few travel Pro-tips, check out Oh Stewardess.  See the extraordinary in the ordinary in How to Operate your Earth Suit  And Social activism through the Arts.

Thank you for visiting The Thriving Writer a peek at my inner sanctum in print .

~ Mel