Oh Stewardess | 4 year-old Start-Up Airline End-Run its Way to Success

In business, as in sports, sometimes you must go around an obstacle to achieve your goal.  According to NY Amsterdam News that is exactly what the black owned and operated Caribbean-based start-up airline did to finish in the black, this year. While all of the major airlines in the Caribbean are losing money, and carrying …

Oh Stewardess: Does My 2-Year-Old Need Their Own Airplane Seat?

Unless there was a new Executive Order or U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao ordered a change in US Federal Aviation Regulations, the answer is YES. U.S. FAR 121.311 indicates: "A child who has reached their second birthday must occupy a seat with a separate seat belt properly secured about them for TAXI, TAKEOFF and LANDING." …

Apple Charlotte

Letting my oven do the traveling this weekend with this sweet treat via @koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com –


Napoleon invaded Russia and lost. Embarrassed and frustrated, he declared that it wasn’t the Russian generals who had defeated the hitherto victorious French army, but General Frost – the harsh Russian winter.


Some of the non-military, auxiliary French personnel decided not to risk frostbites or even death, and to remain in Russia. A barber is a barber, they figured, and a French chef is always a French chef, and a whiff of civilization will only benefit the Russian bear. The bear proved quite appreciative, and a French chef Marie-Antoine Carême got a coveted position at the emperor’s court – the Russian emperor’s, Tzar Alexander I The Blessed.


The Tzar ordered his new chef to create a dessert that would be definitively and recognizably not French. The chef encountered a problem: there was no flour left in the royal pantry.  “Don’t be silly, – advised his sous chef, also French, – make…

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