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See what I did there.  Heh, heh. For those who don't know - I live and work here in the Atlanta Metro. So, from time to time Oh, Stewardess will feature travel news reports as it relates to the world's busiest airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and our hometown airline, the sometime customer-service challenged, PR... Continue Reading →

Oh Stewardess, I Speak United

It's hard to speak objectively about an intimate relationship once you're out of it. And I was in one with United Airlines for about 8 years.  When my supervisor pinned my wings, I don't think I was more honored to join an organization. By 2012, two years after the merger with Continental Airlines, the culture... Continue Reading →

Apple Charlotte

Letting my oven do the traveling this weekend with this sweet treat via @koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com –


Napoleon invaded Russia and lost. Embarrassed and frustrated, he declared that it wasn’t the Russian generals who had defeated the hitherto victorious French army, but General Frost – the harsh Russian winter.


Some of the non-military, auxiliary French personnel decided not to risk frostbites or even death, and to remain in Russia. A barber is a barber, they figured, and a French chef is always a French chef, and a whiff of civilization will only benefit the Russian bear. The bear proved quite appreciative, and a French chef Marie-Antoine Carême got a coveted position at the emperor’s court – the Russian emperor’s, Tzar Alexander I The Blessed.


The Tzar ordered his new chef to create a dessert that would be definitively and recognizably not French. The chef encountered a problem: there was no flour left in the royal pantry.  “Don’t be silly, – advised his sous chef, also French, – make…

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#TBT | When Worlds Collide…

July 25, 2012 | In this busy world with people moving to and fro – we’re bound to bump into each other. In fact, on Saturday, I literally bumped into a woman in the airport who tripped over my bag. She admitted she was looking up and I admitted I was looking straight ahead –... Continue Reading →

Travel Pro Tip: No Wi-Fi, No Problem

If Wi-Fi is down on your flight will you be able to catch up on all your email and reading as planned? The answer is yes, if you've forwarded your important documents to your kindle or kindle app via your amazon kindle email.   If you haven't used your amazon kindle email - that doesn't mean you don't... Continue Reading →

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