Book Review: by Yawatta Hosby

This is my debut novel she’s reviewed! Woo-hoo!!swadm!Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Sleeping with a D-Man is the ninth book for my reading challenge. And, it’s another one where I broke the rules of only sticking to blogs or Absolute Write. Jade is a good friend of mine from college (oh how I miss those days hee hee), and I noticed that she posted information about this story on her Facebook wall. She was helping out a friend, which motivated me to check out the book too. I wanted to support Jade.

Here’s my thoughts:

What should be a normal school year for 1st year college student Nicole Jettison turns out to be anything but at this east coast Catholic university. Cheerleading tryouts, sorority rushes, basketball games and a lot of school work should be par for the course but Jettison has opted for the extracurricular activities of unmasking shape-shifting drug dealers, sorcery and a night course in fallen angels. In the…

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Oh Stewardess: I Speak Passenger

If you are in business that deals directly with the public – you already know your business is built on maintaining successful relationships. While flight attendants are not responsible for winning contracts for the airline – they can easily undo the sales department’s hard work by not nurturing the relationships already developed. Learn how flight attendants settle disputes in an effort to continuously meet customer expectations.

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