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As an author or novelist, you have most likely participated in your fair share of book signings and author events; but have you considered making the rounds on the lecture circuit?

We’ve all seen those amazing speakers on Ted; we’ve even heard of former legislators, business icons, etc., raking in the big bucks for sharing their opinions and experiences.

Some may believe speaking engagements are reserved for celebrities and almost-celebrities but think again.

If you include  a “have book, will travel” section in your book marketing plan, it will be a lucrative way to

  • gain exposure for your book,

  • increase awareness for your brand.

  • and open a new revenue stream for your publishing business.

Don’t think so? Then why is the 5th largest trade-book publisher in the world  currently advertising for Marketing Manager/ Sr. Manager to grow their Speakers’ Bureau presence?  If Penguin Random House is willing to invest in a division to promote their bestselling authors; it must be good business for small, independent, and self-published authors too.

Here’s a few tips to get started:

  • Review your fiction/non-fiction publication for various topics. Now of course if your book is nonfiction it will be easy to determine your topic (s). For fiction, however, you’ll have to work with topics developed from your novel’s

A) plot line; motif and theme

  • Start locally – Pitch your topic and availability to your local Library, Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Lions Club, et al.
  • Prepare a media calendar and include cultural events.

A) For example, February 1st is the beginning of  Black History Month; March 1 begins Women’s History month. Therefore, if your book is versed in black women history, you can plan for two months of speaking engagements.

  • Order your books in advance – Speaking engagements are great for impulse book buying.
  • If you secure a non-paying speaking engagement, make sure you can secure film rights. Have a photographer/videographer on hand to film your appearance. A great demo reel will secure more speaking opportunities. If it’s an informative speech post it to your video channel or website.

Speaking of fees; your mission, should you accept, is to secure a minimum of $10,000 per engagement.

Good Luck!  ~MH