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Your Friendship Style Can Harm Your Business and Career.

a photo of two young girls standing on a porch holding hands
“Best Friends”

For the second time, in as many days, a friend mentioned “accountability partner”.

The second time I heard the term I asked, “is this a new coaching phrase?”

Then I remembered days before, during a chat with a sorority sister, I confessed, “I may not be the friend you need.”  I felt that I had fallen short of being a good friend to her in the past.

In the age of social network platforms, we’ve become accustomed to using the term “friend” and “follower” interchangeably – but those terms shouldn’t be taken lightly.  “Follower” carries its own weight because it implies you’re a leader which comes equipped with its own burden. “Friend” implies “labor of love” and “responsibility.”

Smart People Show their Work

a photo of an elementary student in a classroom
PS 282 Scholar

Just like a diamond sparkles when light hits it, showing its superior cut and clarity– smart people have evidence of their brilliance.

Think back to elementary school when a teacher assigned a math problem, you supplied the answer and the teacher marked it wrong.

Or maybe your teacher wasn’t so harsh and instead gave you partial credit for supplying an answer.

Do you remember her remarks next to the math problem?

Hustlers vs Suckers | How Not to Get Played


I don’t have any games.  I don’t play board or card games with the family and friends. I don’t even play games on the internet.  If there is one word I have for games, it would be “despised”. I believe games are a waste of time and don’t benefit anyone.

Except the powers-that-be have set up games as a way of life here in this dimension and if you don’t play, you’ll get played.