The Last Testament

There’s a  journalism maxim that I live by:


It’s quite a humbling thought that definitely keeps me motivated to do and be my best, every day.

No matter what I do, no matter how grand it WAS, my accomplishments are only as good as that last story.  If I were to take my last breath, that story would be my legacy.

Therefore, when I get up; it doesn’t matter what I do, whether it be love, kindness, charity, learning, work, even a stinging word or a good swift kick to someone who may need it, even if that someone is me.  I work to make it count.

Have you ever thought about your last accomplishment? Was it a good one? Are you happy with it? If you aren’t then make it better or just DO SOMETHING! After all, you drew another breath today.

We’ll never know when our last story will “air” or “run” but one thing we do know– we have the power to make it our best one ever.

Dear Diary – You’ll never guess what I FINALLY caught today…