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We, humans, are capacitors of energy. We emit that energy via vibratory signals. We even speak about our energy levels in terms of “feeling low,” or “high on life,” etc. So, even if we don’t remember the physics of being – our language describes our energy output and often reception too. For example, when you go into a building and get a chill and say, “It doesn’t feel right in here.” Or we’ll say, “this place has a certain warmth about it,” we’re referring to the energy left behind. If we go deeper – what if our mind is a receiver and our heart a CPU (central processing unit)? And what if what engages our mind causes our energy to fluctuate, creating signals that extend way beyond us? If this were the case, what if others are sensitive to the signal output and can “read” it -and respond to our vibration accordingly?

Well, it seems we do this more often than we care to admit or notice. Especially when we reach out to others to inquire about their activity. We may think no one cares about what goes on in our daily lives. But occasionally, someone will ask, “have you seen, watched, listen to, participated in,” etc… The questions seem to be more than small talk and more like a gauge to see where our lives may have intersected. Recently, I’ve noticed when I’m engaged in something that has all of my attention – I attract others who are also deeply involved with the same topic. I’ll get a phone call (yes – the pandemic has brought back phone visits), and sure enough, the conversation will turn to something I may have been reading or even thinking about. Now I have an ally in my quest.

What happens when friends or family connect with you and begin with small talk? Well, this is where reading signals come in handy. I contend that we all have the ability to read each other’s vibrations. We may have forgotten how to do so. So, here’s a trick – don’t censor yourself in the conversation. If the conversation begins, have you seen – if you haven’t, share what you have seen, read, or done. Maybe one more exchange, and I guarantee you, it will trigger why the person called you in the first place. It is there when you will soon realize that you’re riding the same wavelength or train of thought. – Now you can move forward together.

Also, here’s one more thing. I have no idea why I felt compelled to write this post, but here it is.

I’m studying 5G, Ultra-Wideband, Semiconductor chips, sensors, and the Internet of Things. I’m also currently studying kundalini and reading the “Cosmic serpent DNA and the origins of knowledge” by Jeremy Narby.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Currently Working On:

  1. I happen to come across this looking for something else you wrote. 5G Kundalini it is all
    energy and frequency and you are tuning into them. Or perhaps they are tuning into you?


  2. Twin, this is brilliant! It takes learning to an intimate level. I think of time as a social construct, but that’s a projection, isn’t it. By listening, we’re opening ourselves to hear what the subject thinks about itself. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Hi Mel

    When I converse I listen to what they say and listen to what they mean

    I am currently doing this with time. I have been doing this with myself and a few friends. The results have been amazing for all involved.

    Thanks for posting it, Twin,

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