Book Discussion: Empty Spaces

For some, an unfulfilled and unsatisfied life can lead to a life-long battle of potentially fatal addictions; but others find there’s an alternative to fill those often evasive and unidentifiable empty spaces.

If you're the bringer of the light then you have three-fold purpose.  First, you must know you're the light-bearer.   Second, you light the way.  Third,  you must ignite the flame in others.  All the jobs are important.  If you neglect any, remember everyone in your world will be left in the dark.

I burn bridges. Anywhere I want to be or anyone I need to see is in the here and now with me.

“This Little Light…”

When my grandmother was young, she would sit me on her lap, hold my hands in hers and pat them to a beat.  As she tapped her feet, the beat in her heart transmitted to mine.  She would then sing... "This little light of mine,  I'm gonna let it shine.  This little light of mine,... Continue Reading →

Monday Ministry: Faith Unplugged

As soon as Chey* turned 16 years old, she marched into the local Foot Locker and told the manager she'd like to work there. She was a "shoe" connoisseur and wanted to sell. The Manager said, "I'm not hiring and won't be anytime soon." "OK," Chey said and walked out the store. Chey returned every... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Gratitude | Monday Ministry

In times of despair, sometimes all you have to say is "Thank You" and for a few moments it will feel like all your burdens have simply disappeared. Thank You - 2 words, 8 letters to show your gratitude for everything that is your life; what sucks, what works, your friends, your family, your antagonists,... Continue Reading →

The Power of And

THE WORD IS... AND... Dr. Randal Pinkett, The Apprentice 4, was keynote speaker at a conference I attended a few years ago. I will never forget the words of wisdom he passed on to us regarding how to succeed in growing our own businesses.  One of those  jewels that left an impression on me but I kept... Continue Reading →

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