Puzzle Pieces

“A game is one side against another. There’s a winner and a loser. Puzzles don’t have losers.” ~ Fola, The OA Part II -Chapter 1 Angel of Death

In the post “Hustlers vs Suckers ,” I spoke of my extreme dislike of games. Until recently, I hadn’t figured out why I had such a strong reaction to the world’s favorite pastimes. Then, this past week, while watching The OA on Netflix, there was one scene featuring a private investigator and a woman. It was then I caught a clue as to why I consider contests a waste of time.

While on a search for “Michelle,” an alleged gamer, Karim, a private investigator, meets up with Fola, a woman who he thinks could provide some answers. Instead, she shares “Symphony” with him, a puzzle that led Michelle to her last known location.

screenshot of a scene from The OA
Karim & Fola in The OA

As soon as I heard “Symphony” during their exchange, it awakened me.  It resonated on a subconscious level and brought the String Theory, a multiverse thesis, to the surface.  “Symphony”  reminds me of my belief that music or tones forms our universe and shapes our reality. Yes, I wrote, “forms” because I believe our Universe ends when the “music” stops.  And while my explanation oversimplifies the String theory concept; it is what’s captured my attention and caused me to follow these two down the proverbial rabbit hole.

screenshot of characters Karim and Fola The OA
Puzzle Talk

Karim: Back at the house the kids were working together, but you say the game doesn’t like that.

Fola: Yeah.  Well, ultimately, a puzzle is a conversation between the player and the maker.

Fola: The puzzle maker is teaching you a new language.  How to escape the limits of your own thinking and see things that you didn’t know were there.

Karim: Sounds like God.

Fola: Except it’s real.

But what is real?

Is life’s real purpose solving its puzzle so we can communicate with The Puzzle Maker, THE DIVINE ENIGMATOLOGIST?

If so, then could it be that all humans are in the process of solving their puzzles.

Are some of us at the virtual stage of the puzzle, and some working to solve the problem in real life?

What becomes of those who already have the solution?

Once we have a solution, will it lead to either the same destination or our own universe?

As I’ve said before, I hate games. They produce  zero-sum outcomes and, I don’t believe The Universe is set up that way.

As Fola said,

“Puzzles don’t have losers. you’re stuck, If you don’t solve it.”

The OA is now in its second season on Netflix. It is an excellent show exploring the paradox of existence and inter-dimensional travel. ~MH

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