Watch for the Signs

If you've seen the 2002 movie SIGNS by M. Night Shyamalan; starring Mel Gibson (Reverend Graham Hess), Joaquin Phoenix (Merrill Hess) Rory Culkin (Morgan Hess) and, Abigail Breslin (Bo Hess) you know they realize the importance of four signs before the film's end. There's • a parting message from a dying wife to her husband... Continue Reading →

The Transportation Curse?

For more than ten years, I lived in a town whose name was loosely translated into The Place of the Skull.  The name allegedly originated from a curse leveled on the town by a Delaware Indian tribal chief whose family members were slaughtered during the Native American Trade of the 1700s. Legend has it, when... Continue Reading →

Whose Got Your Ear?

What if thinking is nothing more than listening.  An output or evidence of the brain's receiving capabilities. What if the brain picks up a signal, tunes into a channel and receives the transmission? What if it's getting increasingly more difficult to quiet our mind because we're now jamming the airwaves with meaningless conversations via our... Continue Reading →

Dragonfly (2002) – Sister Madeline

"There are 100 steps on the ladder of consciousness between being fully alert and being dead. To put a patient under, they bring them down only to the 10th rung.  Beneath that is a descending gray-scale like the depths of an ocean no one has explored."  

We may be "woke" but only to the level of consciousness exhibited through the depth of understanding.  Synthesis displayed by the use of knowledge to rise to the height of this existence, together.

“This Little Light…”

When my grandmother was young, she would sit me on her lap, hold my hands in hers and pat them to a beat.  As she tapped her feet, the beat in her heart transmitted to mine.  She would then sing... "This little light of mine,  I'm gonna let it shine.  This little light of mine,... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Gratitude | Monday Ministry

In times of despair, sometimes all you have to say is "Thank You" and for a few moments it will feel like all your burdens have simply disappeared. Thank You - 2 words, 8 letters to show your gratitude for everything that is your life; what sucks, what works, your friends, your family, your antagonists,... Continue Reading →

The Power of And

THE WORD IS... AND... Dr. Randal Pinkett, The Apprentice 4, was keynote speaker at a conference I attended a few years ago. I will never forget the words of wisdom he passed on to us regarding how to succeed in growing our own businesses.  One of those  jewels that left an impression on me but I kept... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of Relationships, Past

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,"– George Santayana (1905) Reason in Common Sense, p. 284, volume 1 of The Life of Reason Laura was living the life of her dreams. She'd just signed an employment contract with one of the most prestigious legal consultancy firms in U.S.  She'd settled all her... Continue Reading →

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