Words Into Matter

If our thoughts create our world, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that saying the words aloud could change the invisible into Matter? Creatio ex nihilo?

Well, this thought sprouted wings after reading how Pinterest successfully drives traffic to websites. As I was updating my Pinterest board, I quickly learned working on Pinterest is no easy task. And I made my job more difficult when I decided to name my board the Daily Mind F-ck.

I needed visitors to open their minds when they saw my boards. So, I used words that would have the desired effect. I discovered I was the first one to have my mind blown.

Initially, I had several boards divided into sections. Then I thought – how cool it would be to give the board a magazine-feel. I formatted the boards’ entitled quintessence, black press, semantics, media and entertainment, oh stewardess, higher learning finance, wardrobe wish list, and a magic bag of tricks into sections on Daily Mind F-ck board. Since the titles didn’t hit the right tone, I used the Latin origin of each.

And that’s when the power of words came into view!

Quintessence became its Latin equivalent Quinta Essentia, the fifth essence. The perfect embodiment of what it possesses.

Since the Black Press is the conscience of mainstream media, using Perspicere, Latin for I see clearly or see-through seemed accurate.

Semantics is now Semanticus, the study of meanings. I’ve been fascinated with symbols and meanings since I learned the word “why.”

Media and Entertainment are Medius & Intertenere, and here’s where the meanings speak to their function. Medius means in the middle and Inter / Tenere means “between/among” and “to have, hold, or possess.” The Latin etymology of Media and Entertainment screams distract and possess.

I exchanged Subdiunare for Oh Stewardess, which in my opinion, is a better fit since subdiunare means to spend the day (anywhere).

Redemptio is Latin for ransom. Ransom was the original meaning of finance until it wasn’t. So, when I was pinning scholarship information, I was sharing ways to finance higher education. With the outstanding student loans now estimated to be nearly $1.5 trillion, paying a ransom to redeem an education is an appropriate description.

Investire replaced the wardrobe wish list. After searching for a Latin word that indicates clothing, I settled on Investire, “to clothe.” Its Latin origin of investiture is related to investing or ceremonial dress. It was a perfect substitution for a “wardrobe wish list.”.

And finally, the section formerly known as “Magic Bag of Tricks” is now Alkimia, the Latin word for alchemy (transformation of Matter).

So, there you have it. After my painstaking investigation and longwinded explanation, I realized there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ words. Instead, some words produce desired and undesired intention when spoken.

The denotation of some words may have changed over the centuries, but can we rule out that the original meaning of these words when spoken won’t manifest in our lives?

English has its foundation in Latin, French, and PIE (Proto-Indo-European) languages. In the United States, we also have quite a few Bantu words that have entered the language. All loaded with undiscovered meanings. Therefore, as the meme suggests, use words wisely. And the good news is many of the younger generations will be equipped to do just that.

The New York Times (2008) and the 74 (2017) reported that after 50 years, Latin is making a comeback in U. S. public schools.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all those children who read the Harry Potter books (1997-2007) decided to cast a spell to resurrect the dead language. This way, they would be better equipped to work their magic.

By the way, do you pin? What is your Pinterest strategy? How do you use it?

4 thoughts on “Words Into Matter

  1. Spirituality is the counterbalance to our body, personality and all that is tangible. The body is a ship and spirituality is our anchor in the higher realms.

    You could exhange spirituality with world view or existential contemplation of essence.

    Religion is a lower order manifestation of spirtuality. Analogous to the word apple and the object. So your spiritual approach defines and informs your actions personality, thought process, and emotions. All of the later terms are constructs or a way to embody the intangible essence. These constructs are what make life feel real. Its easier to argue religion or spirituality. Than the reality of your body. Yet you would have a hard time really believing someone arguing reality.

    The irony being that it is your mind that rails against this position. Which is ironic because your mind is closer to spirit than your body.

    Thats a first take will post more later.

    There’s the potential problem of associating the self with our body or our actions. What informs this the mind? The mind is a function of your life experience and also your spirit.

    Various people may perceive one or the other in the ascendancy

    An admixtire of both perhaps or of neither.

    You are relatively unaware of the functioning of the body or your destiny. Spiritual practices can shift your perspective so that yiu can see both differntly. This ability may be real or as indistinguishable as being in a dream.

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream.

    Live live life your life. Knowing that it is the spirit dreaming.


    1. Del, I didn’t submit the post yet; however, this is precisely what it covers. I won’t say we see eye-to-eye because we couldn’t help each other with the blind spots, but we’ve come pretty darn close. I don’t think we can tag folks to our posts. I will be sure to send it to you when I share it. Thank you for your response.


    1. Sure that would be cool. If you would, please also explain how astrology can be used to understand words that would be great. If you want to share in the comments that would be perfect too. I have a friend who comments here that is also an astrology aficionado. Thank you.


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