One Thing

#TBT Sometimes when I write, I hear music.  This time, in particular, I got the chance to put my words to the music of famed saxophone player ("Blow, Danny" - Super Freak) and music producer extraordinaire Danny LeMelle (Gold Mine Studio). Here we go - all the way back to 1992.

Long on Words, Short on Time? Summon Your Inner Editor

"You came up with a great story idea but 8 hours later you're still trying to write the article. Next step: it goes into the abyss also known as the  the draft folder.   Save time by pitching your ideas to your inner editor first. "   A good pitch to your inner editor puts distance between you, your great idea and content development.

Content Producers

SHORT LIST A writer is a storyteller. Someone who creates content that contains a plot and has a beginning, middle and ending.  The story can have 6 words or 60,000 in which the writer shares a message with her audience through the spoken or written word. Ex. Something happened to a young woman and if she's …

Character Building

It all begins with the character.  The story has its genesis in the character. Without the character - there is no story.   Having a problem with writing your novel? Return to the protagonist.  If she's fully developed then maybe she's in the wrong story.

Help Desk: 3 steps to decide if “Write what you know” is best

  Maybe it’s the lure of the internet; or a desire to write novels or maybe it’s your vocation. No matter how you’ve found yourself in the world’s second oldest profession; how can you "write what you know" if you don't know for whom you're writing? Source: Help Desk: 3 steps to decide if “Write …