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Where in the World? | To the East

Where in the world is there a Christmas tradition to exchange apples? This hotelier put 3 apples in my room every day. This 5-star accommodation is in the heart of the city’s business district. It’s […]

New Year, New You? The Fix is In

falling-water-season-1-episode-2-1-3be0In a scene from an episode of USA Network’s “Falling Water”, a power outage disrupts some of the daily activities at a storage facility.

One of the characters, Burton (played by David Ajala), makes a purchase of battery-operated lights and a necklace.

The vendor offers him a receipt. Burton declines and asks if she expects him to return his purchase.

Not accepting a receipt is very much within Burton’s character.  As a “Fixer” for a large multinational investment bank, his actions often have him cleaning up paper trails left by the firm’s bankers.

“No receipt – no money trail = nothing to fix.”

On the surface, this scene may seem like a filler; except Burton had already quit his job with the firm. He was now in “cherchez la femme” mode.