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Course Correction?

We must begin to pay closer attention to our natural laws, such as cause and effect.   It’s nipping at our heels while showing it doesn’t discriminate. We’ll all fall victim even if we didn’t contribute because we did […]

New Year, New You? The Fix is In

falling-water-season-1-episode-2-1-3be0In a scene from an episode of USA Network’s “Falling Water”, a power outage disrupts some of the daily activities at a storage facility.

One of the characters, Burton (played by David Ajala), makes a purchase of battery-operated lights and a necklace.

The vendor offers him a receipt. Burton declines and asks if she expects him to return his purchase.

Not accepting a receipt is very much within Burton’s character.  As a “Fixer” for a large multinational investment bank, his actions often have him cleaning up paper trails left by the firm’s bankers.

“No receipt – no money trail = nothing to fix.”

On the surface, this scene may seem like a filler; except Burton had already quit his job with the firm. He was now in “cherchez la femme” mode.

What's Your Story
"...always ready to take over the world, even one city block at a time due to budgetary constraints" - One of the finest engineering minds of our era - Dr J
Maybe your goal isn't to take over the world.   It could be a small project such as preparing a proposal to win a lucrative book contract.  Yet you find yourself overwhelmed and underfunded to even do that activity.  Step back, take a breath and ask yourself, "what city block can I conquer today that will put me closer to achieving my overall goal." Whatever step that is, take it.    Even if time runs out, you will have completed a task that will be ready for you when pursuing the next opportunity.   ~MH