Course Correction?

We must begin to pay closer attention to our natural laws, such as cause and effect.   It's nipping at our heels while showing it doesn't discriminate. We'll all fall victim even if we didn't contribute because we did nothing to change our course. Sow love, reap love...

When opportunity knocks don't jam the door on it. In 1989, Super Music Producer Doctor Freeze offered the song "Poison" to our girl rap group, Flexx, to record but we passed on it. The R & B group Bell Biv Devoe went on to record it and sell more than 4 million copies! #oldschoolrap #90s... Continue Reading →

Help Desk: Electronics Repair

Ever call your cable company for assistance and the CSR (customer service representative) asks for the equipment serial number from the back or bottom of the box? Don't unplug. Just take a photo of the sticker and recite the number. Registering new equipment? Works perfectly for those too tiny to read serial numbers too. Snap... Continue Reading →

Attn: Yo-Yo Dieters 

Lost weight? Gained weight over the winter? Thinking of cleaning out your clothes closet? Don't toss 'em.  Size rack  'em. And if your friends stay in your closet - well now it's easier for them to pick and choose. These size dividers come 3 to each size  small, med, large, XL and XXL and 0-28... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You? The Fix is In

In a scene from an episode of USA Network's "Falling Water", a power outage disrupts some of the daily activities at a storage facility. One of the characters, Burton (played by David Ajala), makes a purchase of battery-operated lights and a necklace. The vendor offers him a receipt. Burton declines and asks if she expects... Continue Reading →

How to take over the world…

"...always ready to take over the world, even one city block at a time due to budgetary constraints" - One of the finest engineering minds of our era - Dr J Maybe your goal isn't to take over the world.   It could be a small project such as preparing a proposal to win a lucrative... Continue Reading →

The Invisible You

Who would you be if you didn't care what others thought of you? Or better question, who are you when no one is looking?   Do you know? Have you ever met her? If you haven't; is the masked woman hiding her the reason you haven't achieved your life's goals? When we spend time trying to... Continue Reading →

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