You Don’t Know My Life

Some are reluctant to invite others into their lives because many confuse invitation with intrusion.

The invited RSVP with their beliefs and ways to intrude upon the one who asked them in.


an invitation and a welcome doesn’t ask for guidance nor does it imply the invited is equipped with the wisdom to advise another’s walk.

An invitation is an offer to be present.

An occasional, daily or even a lifetime of conversations doesn’t give insight to someone’s life.

Behavior and habits doesn’t inform a life; it informs the outsider of the lived experience and responses to them.

Trigger those responses you learn of weakness.  Exploit those weaknesses and you reveal yourself.

If someone invites you into their life, it’s an honor. Relationships are for shared experiences.

You are required to bring 3 things

  1. open ears to hear,
  2. open mind to learn,
  3. open heart for the journey.

You don’t know my life.  You don’t need to know.  The invitation humbly requests your presence to witness.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Know My Life

  1. Nah. That’s simply a request for an audience. While it can be said an audience gains something from the (spectator) experience and the performer gains something from performing, the exchange is one sided. One person performs, the is only invited to listen. If you truly want to invite someone into your life, you’d better be open to participation, and ultimately criticism. The potential for growth only comes with the willingness to be vulnerable. Iron sharpens iron.

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    1. Michael, thank you for taking the time to comment!

      You’ve raised an excellent point! Some may invite people in their lives for critique and maybe even criticism.

      This is another reason why we should come equipped with an openness – each person has her/his own set of requirements.


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