Outlaw Women

Dear Millennials/Gen Z women, 

All I know is bodily autonomy. 

Any other way of life is foreign to me. We’ve always had legal access to health care. Therefore, no one my age has ever had to perform self-surgery with household items. Silent generation and older baby boomer women shared those cautionary tales to remind us that we weren’t always free. And until today, women’s health care options have been federally protected. Unfortunately, this is uncharted territory for some of us older women.

We failed to keep your rights safe. I’m sorry.

But make no mistake; a woman will still choose her path. We always have. All the Supreme Court majority decision did was an attempt to create outlaws. 

As Merriam Webster defines,” a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law.”

So if it’s lawlessness the United States wants, it’s on. We got your back, young women, and we’ll follow your lead. It’s time for some #goodtrouble

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