Required Fields


If you want to execute a transaction on some websites, you may need to enter information in the * required fields. Now, the software doesn’t care what you enter as long as it matches the allowable characters in the area. But I encountered a website where the required field wouldn’t accept any input – UNLESS you are signed out of the website. Once you’ve signed out and want to submit the form, you must enter private information. So how could I ask my question to get the information? I took an additional step and looked at the page source, and there I saw what could be the faulty coding – but I don’t write code, so I couldn’t be sure. Yes, a waste of time, but I was curious.  “¯\_(ツ)_/¯. “

So what to do? Easy! Return to THE objective.

My immediate goal was to get information from this office. The objective: send an email. BUT

  • no email address listed. There was just a form.
  • I devised a plan to get the office email address.
  • I signed out. I filled out the form with “faulty” information – but with an email address I have access to. I did this just in case a hacker could intercept the form.

Well, today, I got an email response to my inquiry.

Aside: does this make me a hacker? I hope not.

Not only did the office provide me with a contact email address – they answered my question too!

So there you have it. Don’t let a computer glitch stop you from achieving your objectives, especially when life-changing goals are attached.

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