Google Mastered?

Google Mastered

The Search engine company that some love to hate while simultaneously turning their brand name into a verb – is so transparent with some of its products, that it hosts online classes to help you help them help you become proficient with their tools. I learned of Google’s notorious plot to educate the world 6 years ago – when I first joined the google academy to learn about e-commerce analytics.

I usually shift to full-court press learning when the world or my world is in chaos. And in 2014, I was furloughed from my fly-the-friendly skies” gig. So, after making a 180-degree shift back to terra firma, I did well enough to pass the exam, but only because I took copious notes. This time, well, you know, ‘Rona is forcing a lot of us to rethink the way we operate in this world. And that’s the case for me too.

So, once again, I went back to my standby,

I decided to finish what I first started back on August 14, 2019, because frankly, I thought I might lose my chance to complete the course. You see, a few weeks ago, or was it months – Google announced it was getting ready to release some bachelor’s level digital courses in UX Design, Data Analytics, and Project Management. And with the announcement came a chance to compete for Google scholarships too.

Wait. Hold up, I thought? Google courses are free, so what’s with the cash incentive? Then I read that Google’s partners, such as Coursera, would host some of the online classes. I began to panic. I thought with these new courses, the lessons I started taking last year might not be available to complete. So, I got busy, and last month I began working feverishly to complete the 26-module course in digital marketing.

Aside: Isn’t it funny how something free becomes valuable when a new and paid option arrives on the scene. Why are we humans like that? So, Wednesday, I finished the online course. I took the exam and got certified in the Google Garage eLearning in Digital Marketing on Thursday morning.

There are 136 courses to choose from, and I can assure you, no matter which one you take, you’ll succeed. You will finish with an even better understanding of Google products, eCommerce, and any other aspect of working digitally that you can imagine. The best part is the only thing you’ll pay is with your time.

Note: This is an unsolicited review of Google Digital Garage e-Learning and Google Analytics

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