Somebody Else’s Bed

When I woke up, I couldn’t bring into focus one familiar thing in the bedroom.  I remembered taking two aspirins around 1:30 this morning to settle a heart that felt like running a marathon as I slept. I hadn’t had an anxiety attack in years – but here it was like a long lost frenemy. Then after what felt like a good night’s sleep, I was anxious again. My heart wasn’t racing, though. Everything was calm.

Too calm.

I considered whether I was dead, which conjured up a new meaning to death as in dead, to this world, but still in it. However, that too would be off-putting as I felt were the case in this bedroom that was slightly off.

Did I “die” in my sleep after the aspirin episode? Is that what caused my “transition?”
If so, and I am questioning my existence, then, where am I? Would I again have to learn how to deal, or should I say, interact with an entirely different group of “humans?”
I’m in a bed so they must be “humans,” right?
Or am I alone?
What if I’m reborn? And now, I am an infant or helpless with no motor skills, depending on someone to care for me?
Who did I come through? Will she be able to care for me until I’m able to care for me?

Damn, how crazy is it to be programmed again from infant stage, that is,—- until I synchronize with this current consciousness. Or not.

If I’ve returned to earth as a human -in what era did I arrive? Will my understanding make me obsolete because the civilization I’ve entered is far advanced – or will others consider me a prodigy?

What will I do with this new existence, and how long will it take before I can sojourn my chosen path?

Is there a path?

The first step, slipping my foot into my flip flop, informed me of my mobility. With it, the familiar came into focus.

I soon remembered that besides keeping with ancient Rome’s time, it was the objects that also kept me tethered to this consciousness and existence.

Welp, as Saint Augustine said, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

So far, I’d been obedient – I even got out of bed on the right side since the Romans believed it was a bad omen to do otherwise.

Those tremors I experienced earlier – are gone. All is well. Or maybe just delayed.

Today, I might throw away all the timepieces, and my possessions save one.

Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll “get up on the wrong side of the bed” and awaken in a new dimension.