“Not Religious, but Spiritual” Means What Exactly?

Recently, I wrote about spiritual enlightenment in a discussion (AALBC.com ) that centered on Beyoncé 's Grammy performance. It seems as if everyone has an opinion on her costume, but little knowledge to go with it. Well maybe if you're from West Africa you knew immediately which Goddess she was emulating. Mostly everyone else who …

Book Review: by Yawatta Hosby

This is my debut novel she’s reviewed! Woo-hoo!!swadm!Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Sleeping with a D-Man is the ninth book for my reading challenge. And, it’s another one where I broke the rules of only sticking to blogs or Absolute Write. Jade is a good friend of mine from college (oh how I miss those days hee hee), and I noticed that she posted information about this story on her Facebook wall. She was helping out a friend, which motivated me to check out the book too. I wanted to support Jade.

Here’s my thoughts:

What should be a normal school year for 1st year college student Nicole Jettison turns out to be anything but at this east coast Catholic university. Cheerleading tryouts, sorority rushes, basketball games and a lot of school work should be par for the course but Jettison has opted for the extracurricular activities of unmasking shape-shifting drug dealers, sorcery and a night course in fallen angels. In the…

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The Magicians

"The most powerful magic trick a magician can perform is to see through the illusion.  Break the spell." "Magic doesn't come from talent; it comes from pain" Mystery of creation (prayer) may have to do with intonation and not "words" ~MH 02/07/15