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The Unknowable – Got You Under a Spell

Why would anyone label a subject unknowable?  

What purpose would that mental construct serve?

Do we use the term unknowable so we could claim plausible deniability for our actions as we move through this journey called life?

Or do we claim unknowable so we can surrender our will to something or someone outside of us?

Or are we under a spell that compels us to surrender our power?

“Not Religious, but Spiritual” Means What Exactly?


Recently, I wrote about spiritual enlightenment in a discussion (AALBC.com ) that centered on Beyoncé ‘s Grammy performance.
It seems as if everyone has an opinion on her costume, but little knowledge to go with it.

Well maybe if you’re from West Africa you knew immediately which Goddess she was emulating. Mostly everyone else who is not an artist, creative or studies religions; not so much.

Ghosts of Relationships, Past


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,”– George Santayana (1905) Reason in Common Sense, p. 284, volume 1 of The Life of Reason

Laura was living the life of her dreams. She’d just signed an employment contract with one of the most prestigious legal consultancy firms in U.S.  She’d settled all her debts and her credit rating was soaring by the minute.  Laura signed a new lease for a condominium that overlooked New York City’s Central Park.  Life couldn’t be more perfect;

“except guys from my past are calling and emailing me,” Laura told me.

She said it wouldn’t have been so weird, if she had spoken to these men recently. But she hadn’t.  Laura said the last time she heard from any of them was right before she graduated law school 2 years prior. 

"The most powerful magic trick a magician can perform is to see through the illusion.  Break the spell." "Magic doesn't come from talent; it comes from pain" Mystery of creation (prayer) may have to do with intonation and not "words" ~MH 02/07/15