Oh Stewardess: Expiring Hotel Reward Points

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Heads up!

Choice hotels sent notice that my rewards points are set expire. I hate to lose anything so it sent me into a panic. OK, I’m exaggerating. I have options and if you find yourself in this position you do too.

If you’ve accumulated a few points (1000 or more) but aren’t looking to book a hotel stay anytime soon – here are few things you can do with your rewards points.

  • 1- Book a room for you, friend and / or family member. Reserve the room in both your names. If you’re not going to check in – your guest can and stay on your free points.  (Disclaimer: Verify your hotel’s policy.  In my case, my daughter checked in ahead of my arrival (I was a no-show) and she was fine.)
  • 2 – Donate reward points to your favorite charity through your rewards program.   Choice Rewards has an option that allows you to donate with a minimum of 1000 points to organizations such as American Red Cross.
  • 3 – Transfer points to your airline rewards account.   Choice has a partnership with carriers such as United Airlines, Southwest and Alaska Airlines to name a few.  A minimum of 6000 points nets 1800 loyalty points on SWA.
  • 4 – Buy retail goods, magazines, gift cards and even Facebook gift cards? Christmas shopping with rewards points is win for stocking-stuffers and gifts.
  • 5 – Cruise away – hotel stays and airline miles now get you cruise credit.
  • 6 – And there’s more… but you have to sign up.

You’re going to travel anyway – might as well join the rewards program of your favorite hotels, motels, trains, planes, auto rentals, et al.  Who knows, if you collect enough points all your travel might be for free.