Content Producers


A writer is a storyteller.

Someone who creates content that contains a plot and has a beginning, middle and ending.  The story can have 6 words or 60,000 in which the writer shares a message with her audience through the spoken or written word.

Ex. Something happened to a young woman and if she’s going to return to normal, she’ll have to succeed at doing this grand thing or she will never be whole again.

A journalist notices trends, the changes that occur and reports on it. The report, which is usually nonfiction, can contain as little as 45 words especially if it’s for broadcast or more than 45,000 if it’s a book length feature that reveals little known information regarding something such as a cause célèbre case.  The report is usually unbiased. The journalist presents facts and evidence that allow the reader or viewer decide.

Ex. Something is underfoot in Mudville and while these small-town residents say they were used to this way of life, some believe all has changed. In this report, we’ll uncover what is happening, who they believe is most affected and how officials are going to fix it and when.

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A commentator/editorialist shares opinions on activities, current events, a cause célèbre, et al.  Sometimes the commentator puts a spin on the topic but it doesn’t have to be as nefarious as propaganda, a spin can be a contrarian view …or it can simply be another perspective not previously shared. One thing that all commentary has in common is bias.

Ex. The recent rash of activity in small-town, any-country, can only be the result of amount of resources being used to favor one group over another. If it’s not stopped, there will be more of it that will make things worse.

A philosopher observes, hypothesizes and unpack with reasoning why the natural event, activity or behavior occurs.  She usually contemplates the subject, studies it from various angles and reviews the many topics that can arise from the subject. She then defends her completed study via peer review. The philosopher creates a new set actions to be performed so that a new behavior can result.

Ex. When a large group of workers are left to their own creativity a large business will fail. Therefore, it is best to establish a new set of rules that everyone will follow without question, to contain innovation.