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Have you ever watched a movie and noticed the main character is reading a book?  In the film X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008), Scully has at her bedside “Beautiful Wasps Having Sex” by Dori Carter. The fiction story has an intriguing premise – especially if you have wondered why movie studio execs would cast someone of European descent in a role that is about a person of color.

What’s more intriguing, the person (s) behind the film’s casting, bankrolling, and sometimes directing the flick is Jewish.

Well, that’s the back story of a screenwriter ” Frankie Jordan” a 40-year-old Jewish woman in Hollywood.

From inside the front cover jacket flap:

“Trying to discover why Hollywood attracts and rewards so many “little monsters,” she’s compelled to confront how Jews feel about themselves in a town that both loves and hates its own invention – the beautiful WASP.” Frankie ultimately comes to understand the forces that created Hollywood, Jonathan Prince, and herself.”

So far, it’s a good read. It’s not a “can’t put down” book. Nor is it Chic lit or Women’s fiction.  The author is a woman, a former screenwriter, and a television producer. So, “Beautiful Wasp Having Sex” is Slice of Life fiction that includes conflict and reveals the “truth” of Hollywood.

This is the second book on the reading list this year where the plot involves screenwriters, and the ‘reluctant’ protagonist is a woman.

The first book was Severed by VL Towler, and the protagonist is a black woman (Go here for discussion), and now this book by Dori Carter with a Jewish woman protagonist.

Please check back here for the book discussion “Beautiful Wasps Having Sex.”

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Well the title of the book caught my eye, for sure. I had to read Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms after the book was thrown across the room in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. So I totally get why you felt compelled to read this one after seeing it used in X Files.

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