Whose Got Your Ear?

What if thinking is nothing more than listening.  An output or evidence of the brain’s receiving capabilities. What if the brain picks up a signal, tunes into a channel, and receives the transmission?

Courtesy: Pixabay | Silvia & Frank • Eschweiler-Engelskirchen / Germany

What if it’s getting increasingly more difficult to quiet our mind because we’re now jamming the airwaves with meaningless conversations via our “smartphones”; YouTube channels, Radio/TV broadcasts, Satellite transmissions et al.  And our brain is receiving bits (bytes) of information as if it’s scanning the dial for a favorite station?

In the discussion forum I visit, one member asked us to describe how we think.  In the “Thinking about Thinking” topic, he asked us to describe our mental processes.

Productive Thinking

I call myself the obedient scribe. When I need an answer, I ask questions, and soon the answer appears, or at least the field narrows. Then I’m not searching for a “needle in a haystack.”

Conduit Thinking

Depending on my level of consciousness, I can “hear” as clear as one can hear the ocean in a spiral seashell conch.

The other day, I woke with a request from “someone” asking me to research the styles of the decades.   Before I got out of bed, I began penning some ideas on the topic. It was surreal even for me because I have no real interest in discussing or writing about fashion.  I did it anyway, focusing first on the 70s, then the 60s, 80s, and 90s.

I even wrote a blog post, “Styles of the Decades | Voices Inside My Head,” where I reorder the decades for continuity. It turned out to be fun, and I got a chance to use some old family photos in the post.

Here’s where it got weird. I got an email on Friday that informed me that on the same day I began writing the post, Tim Gunn, Project Runway, a show I’ve heard of but never watched,– gave a talk at the Library of Congress on the topic of fashions in the 70s. There’s an exhibit on disco fashion, “Bibliodiscotheque,” at the LOC that ended on Saturday (May 6, 2017).

In his taped interview, Gunn said, (paraphrase) “before you can talk about the 70s, you must first talk about the revolutionary 60s”.  Those were nearly the same words I used in my blog post.

I watched the talk on Friday and got all choked up.

  1. Before hearing Tim Gunn speak – I always thought his demeanor was off-putting. I judged him unnecessarily.
  2. Project Runway is his second act. He began it when he was 50 – he was an educator before the show.
  3. He is an awesome storyteller!

All this to say, I believe thinking is a result of being open to any given channel of influence, so to speak.

I intuited this concept early on, and I tend, or do my best, to tune into the highest frequency I can perceive. It just so happened that day; I dialed into the Library of Congress and stayed tuned to its frequency.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how I did it.   Stay Tuned.

Source: Thinking about Thinking

Source: Pic of the Week: Disco Fashion

Source: Tim Gunn on Disco Fashion

Source: Library of Congress Bibliodiscotheque

Thank you for reading.