Chase: Now I Understand the Runner’s High

First, I heard the bark, then I saw the big brownish-tan terrier coming after us. I raised my hands and said sternly, “NO, NO, NO,” and started to back away to cross to our side of the street.

I still had Dug by the leash and did my best to get our Shih Tzu and me to safety.

I looked back and saw the big brownish-tan terrier still coming after us. I didn’t want to run because running away from a canine is akin to saying,

“Hey, look at me, I’m a pull toy!”

We continued walking briskly, and he’s still galloping towards us. Although he seems a bit hesitant, now, as if he wasn’t sure he should cross the street.

As we get to the rear of the property, I said, “Dug, go home,” and I let go of his leash.

Then to my surprise, Dug didn’t take the shortcut through the grass and trespass on other property to get to our home that’s the second from the corner.

No, Dug is fancy, and he decided to briskly walk along the sidewalk.  The next thing I know, Dug is rounding the corner…and my heart is in my mouth.  Dug has never been off the leash outside.  So now I’m also worried about Dug, who walks towards home with his leash dragging behind him.

I’m looking over my shoulder to see if the big brownish-tan terrier is still in pursuit.

I’m digging in my bag to retrieve my umbrella and doggy treats that I carry with me just in case we’re chased by a wayward canine, like today.

I see that the big brownish-tan terrier seems to think that now that he’s free from home, it’s a good time to take a crap on a neighbor’s lawn.

With the big brownish-tan terrier occupied, I can now focus all my attention on retrieving Dug.  Dug, who with his marching orders, is not coming to me when I call him.

So, I yell, “Dug, here’s a treat.”  He slows up …slow enough for me to walk over and pick up his leash.  We head home.


So, dear readers, I hope you’ve learned inter-species communication is possible.  In this case, all you need are few strong words, commands, and a decent supply of treats.


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