Dependable You?

You can choose wisely, be an excellent decision-maker, but when it comes to taking action, if you have no follow-through, then it is all for naught.

Can you count on yourself to do what’s best?  Even if that best thing is for you? What would prevent you – guilt? Station? Letting down others around you? We all hate to hear that

“you’ve changed”

from our friends and family. Even if the change leads to a better you.

Early on, we all agree on the roles we would play.  Are you a pretty & popular one? The screw-up? The Fat one? Skinny one? The Success? The Brains and Brilliant?

We all play roles in life.  You’ve heard the phrase

“I’ve got to get my act together.”

But those acts, those roles can be so constricting, so binding.   If we remain in those roles or, worse, forced out due to age, ability, and/or circumstances, we must lose the act and move on.  And that’s when it gets hard.  We know how to do what we’ve always done, but to do something new takes planning and effort.

Want to be the muscular one, but you’ve always been skinny? This means changing your habit to weight training and increased calories through protein intake.

Want to be the thin one?  Move a lot more to burn more calories than you ingest.

Want to become a business success and earn a lot of revenue?

All this takes strategic planning, daily task plotting, and a lot of attention to detail.

As already mentioned, choices and decisions come easy to you.

Overcoming your habit of being what you’ve always been is a daunting task.

The strongest-willed among us will have to prepare to follow through to achieve the breakthrough.

So, remember,  it all begins when you change your inner speech.