Hidden Files

The only thing standing between the woman and a new job was her ability to locate and find the template provided by her prospective employer.

It was a hidden file and no matter how hard  she tried to retrieve it,  it wouldn’t appear.

 Time ran out and she lost the opportunity to secure the coveted job.


A  Dream

If you use a pc with Windows, you already know hidden files exist to prevent alteration to the operating system. Unfortunately, those files aren’t completely hidden. There’s a way to reveal the files but those of us whose second language is NOT computer programming do so at our own risk.

Risk is the keyword

The dreamer probably knows how to reveal the hidden files of her prospective employer, but she’s not willing to conform to the standard operating procedure.

Nor is she willing to take responsibility for changing the overall operation. What she would like for them to do is run her as an executable.  She’s an outlier, and her skill set is not found in employees who fit into the normal program.

A modest or even temporary addition to the operation would be best. 

The problem, however, is if the application isn’t coded properly, it runs the risk of becoming a virus to its host. 

Employers know this, so very few are willing to take the risk.  Therefore, adding these outliers to their organizations adds a separate program to the operation – the non-technical term is a consultant or temporary hires.  

A win for the organization and a win for the outliers.

Dream interpretation, oneiromancy have been around since time immemorial. In fact, one only must consult her dreams to determine how to achieve goals.  

Although there’s no consensus on why we dream, it appears our dreams help us to understand ourselves and our current situation.  

Our dreams don’t lie.  We may have faulty interpretations of our dreams, but they don’t lie.

Our hidden files (The Self) comes into full view, and suddenly those burning questions we have about our personal lives are answered.   

When we wake, we have this newly acquired information that is available for guidance.