Serving Two Masters

If you have reached the end of the internet, by now you have read the Cherokee parable “Two Wolves” about the internal battle between light and dark.  The winner is the one you serve, the one you feed.

“As a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she”.

In the Information Age one can easily dine on a smorgasbord display of inhumanity. Even our ‘good’ news stories are laced with tragedy.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – Ghost of Christmas Present

If you choose to feed the wolf named Ignorance and Want, then open wide, you will starve but it won’t be due to lack.

Mass Media exposure to all things disagreeable including our political news coverage has become a formidable master.

If you choose to feed your “curiosity and gratitude” wolf,

“seek, and you will find”

If we work hard, we can raise an enlightened master to serve.

We can do it by:

  1. Renewing or applying for library cards (Call ahead and arrange for a tour – the local library is the new community center),
  2. Visiting independent and corporate bricks and mortar bookstores (visit online and/or call to inquire about their special events),
  3. Participating in an open mic or community activity such as those hosted by local shoppes*
  4. Taking an immersive culinary adventure i.e., ethnic cooking workshop or start one like The League of Kitchens.
  5. Becoming a member of public/college radio stations for the independent music,
  6. Read up on local proposals at the county website and national legislative proposals at . Sign up on for government department news through – nonpartisan information and activities that are available to citizens,
  7. Attending county, city, school board and municipal meetings. If you can’t make it to the meetings check your local lineup and look for the local broadcast channel and air dates. Can’t make it to Washington, D.C. for the hearings visit: House of Representatives live at and the Senate live at

This short list of actions, to battle mass media exposure, is in no way complete. All suggestions to feed our minds with information that we can use is welcome.

Comments are open, please add to this list. ~Mel

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