5 Steps to Sound Self-Analysis

  1. Why did you get you angry?  (Ans.)
  2. Why do you want things to go your way? (Ans.)
  3. Why don’t you just do it yourself? (Ans.)
  4. Why would you let that stop you from your goal? (Ans.)
  5. Why not find another way? (Ans.)

Ok – I really don’t know how you’re going to answer those questions.  That means, I don’t know the follow-up questions to your answers. 

Don’t dismiss the exercise, however, if you want to proceed with integrity in achieving your goals.  

Most of the time our reasons for doing the things we do are buried in our subconscious.

The 5 whys exercise is one of the best tools to use to be truly honest with yourself as you move forward with your endeavors. 

Asking the 5 whys, allows us to question our motivation.  The 5 Whys, allows us to assess another’s motivation.

To begin, you ask a question about a challenge.

When you get an answer, then question that answer.  By the time, you get to the 5th “Why” you should be at the root cause of the problem.  If not, continue with the next set of 5 Whys

Once you learn your motivation, you can proceed authentically towards achieving your goal.  Once you ascertain another’s motivation you are well-equipped to decide to proceed.  

According Wikipedia research, Sakichi Toyoda, founder, Toyota Industries, Inc. developed the 5  Why system for work-place problem-solving.  And It works perfectly for personal problems too.