New Year, New You? The Fix is In

falling-water-season-1-episode-2-1-3be0In a scene from an episode of USA Network’s “Falling Water”, a power outage disrupts some of the daily activities at a storage facility.

One of the characters, Burton (played by David Ajala), makes a purchase of battery-operated lights and a necklace.

The vendor offers him a receipt. Burton declines and asks if she expects him to return his purchase.

Not accepting a receipt is very much within Burton’s character.  As a “Fixer” for a large multinational investment bank, his actions often have him cleaning up paper trails left by the firm’s bankers.

“No receipt – no money trail = nothing to fix.”

On the surface, this scene may seem like a filler; except Burton had already quit his job with the firm. He was now in “cherchez la femme” mode.

The scene serves to illustrate the concept, what we do professionally tends to spill over in our personal life.

Burton knew this facet of human behavior well and it’s what made him an excellent “Fixer”.  He, on the other hand, didn’t need fixing. Burton was in complete control of his life.  That is, until he found himself fixated on the woman in red of his dreams.

It’s not necessary to operate an investment bank, or a multinational law firm to employ a Fixer.  Most of us have a Fixer that we can consult for guidance.

Some of us call our Fixer, “a small voice“, “something said”, “first mind”, “true north” or a conscience.

At times, such as with Burton, distractions or an emotional upheaval can derail and incapacitate our internal Fixer.

When we’re unable to hear her small voice; we may find ourselves on a less desirable path.

The Fixer wants the best for us, therefore, it’s important to elevate our minds so we can hear its voice.

One way to elevate our minds is to consciously practice Enterprise thinking, Prosperity thinking and Alternative thinking, et al.  Deliberate thinking, of those types, may help us change our current thought pattern, clear the cobwebs and allow us to hear, with clarity, a course correction.

Alternative Thinking

Burton believed his dreams were betraying him so he employed “Alternative thinking”.  Since he could only see the woman in red in his dreams – he decided to stop sleeping.  He replaced his slumber with exercise and engaged in any activity that wasn’t sleeping.  Now of course, this was extreme and eventually nature took its course.

But what about those of us who decide this is the year we will engage in a healthier lifestyle?  Replacing one activity, such as sedentary lifestyle that has a negative return, for a life filled with mini-adventures is a suitable and a fun alternative to get us moving again.

Enterprise thinking

Is it your goal to save money? Do you work a 9 to 5 and get paid bi-weekly only to find by the time you cash your payroll check the money is already spent?  The only way to save money, then, is to earn more.

Mentally insert yourself in the flow of currency as if you were testing the temperature of water flowing from a tap.

Focus on earning, invoicing (for services rendered) and rendering receipts (for products sold). Even if you’re not in business for yourself – you can practice thinking as if you are.

Toss the thinking of what you’re going to buy, what you need to pay, what and who you owe.  Those activities exist anyway so no need wasting your creative powers to materialize more lack.

Prosperity Thinking

Are you battling an addiction to sugar, tobacco, sugar & flour products?  Here’s your opportunity to lose to gain.

Instead of thinking about what you’re denying yourself – think about what you can gain.

If you’re a smoker who needs to inhale to calm down – don’t stop taking your smoke breaks; just go (without the cigarettes) and breathe deeply.  Did you know breathing deeply burns calories?  If sweets are your go-to comfort food, giving it up may not secure an amazing film and pro wrestling career like it did for The Rock, who gave up eating candy in 1989.  There may be a win in your future, if sweets are weighing you down and preventing you from accomplishing a job only you can do.

Ultimately, the goal here is for you to change your mind so you can get out of your own way.

Spoiler Alert

That is exactly what Burton learned when he went in search of the “woman in red“.  Through his vulnerability, he found his unique super power.  It wasn’t his steely will power – it was something far greater that allowed him move through dimensions.

Armed with this knowledge coupled with his skill set, he found the courage to say, “no” to what seemed logical and instead followed his heart.


Like a sculptor who chisels away at stone to reveal her masterpiece; the woman in red melted Burton’s steely facade so that he could accomplish the job he was created to do. And he did.