Out of Time

Big Ben
Big Ben

Quick! What’s the world’s most valuable commodity?

If you’ve answered,


You’re right.

The greatest treasure one can share, or bestow on another is time.

No; not money – time.

Money can buy a lot of things. One can even pay another for the use of her time. But all the money in the world cannot buy more time.

Time is the most valuable commodity and it’s priceless.

Therefore, how we spend our time speaks to our character. Our use of time shows us what we value.  We show those whom we spend our time with or on how precious they are to us.

We invest our time in those we care about without ever giving a thought to the return on our investment.

It’s simply time well spent.

So why do most take the gift of time for granted?

This seems especially true when those we spend the most time on, such as our adult children, no longer need our time.

Some, (insert a loved one here), will even proceed to tell us how we should spend our time once they’re finished with it.

Ain’t that something?

You give your time, and spend most of your waking moments on them, then one day they say, in no uncertain terms,

“You’re not spending your time the way we believe you should and now you’re putting our lives in jeopardy.”

Or they may say,

“Get it together. Your dreams don’t matter; only ours. You’re getting too comfortable spending your time on yourself; living your life.”

To some that sentence may appear to have a period…BUT
the unspoken words are:

“What about us? Does this mean we have to give our time to you?”

If this has been your experience, then let them know:  you’ve gifted your time but it has always been your time to spend as you see fit.

So for the last time; that is, if you’re feeling a bit generous remind them of this:

They have never  or will be able to dictate how you spend your time.

If they thought otherwise, they were deluded.

Your time spent on them was a gift from the heart.

Now their time is up.

It’s your time. Live it well.

Thank you for reading. As always, your time is greatly appreciated. 

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