Response to Stephanie Danger

YouTube, TikTok, and sometimes Instagram have been great educational tools. These platforms show nature in all its glory – and we are slowly learning we are not above nature.

We are Nature.

For the past 12000 years, the onset of patriarchy, Powers-that-be, convinced us (for their monetary gains and supremacy)  that we were separate from nature. They did their best to keep us ignorant. I’d say gaslighting began back then when sexualizing women became a tool of oppression. But The Creation of Patriarchy” by Gerda Lerner, Ph.D. offers, “women have collaborated in their own subordination and have sometimes internalized values which have subordinated them,” — meaning we can also unlearn those values and reclaim our power.

Terror Warning Level?

Status: Agitated

As humans, our default mode is happy.   It may be hard to tell, but we are a community-oriented species… Just watch us when shit hits the fan, and you’ll see our true nature.  We come together with one mission – “to make everyone whole again.”   Yet, there are forces in this world that prefer we stay agitated.

Upgrade: remaining agitated eventually leads to submission.

Today’s MISSION:  Shine bright like the Sun!

Originally Posted 01/25/2017 on AALBC – African American Literature Book Club #FollowMetoAALBC.