The Project

Heaven is where the future is born” ~Made in Heaven (1987)  

It is time for you to leave “Heaven” and go to Earth, but you must first meet with THE ALL before you go.

The meeting you will have is similar to a meeting a screenwriter has with a successful Hollywood producer to pitch an idea for a blockbuster film.  

You share with THE ALL your High Concept project that will become your life story. Since you are in Heaven, you have no outside influences or distractions. It is just you and THE ALL.

Your pitch will be as close to DIVINE as possible.  THE ALL green-lights your project. Even if it’s not what THE ALL envisioned for your Earth-bound life. After all, THE ALL has blessed you with free will, so what you want is what you’ll get. 

When you return to Heaven, you’ll be judged on your performance, the execution, and the completion of your project. How well you do will determine if your future projects will get the green light.  

Knowing there is no right or wrong answers, what’s your pitch? What story do you want to develop that will become your life while on Earth?  

Enter your logline here ->:

Logline: A brief summary of a project that provides both a plot synopsis and an emotional hook to stimulate interest.


Now that you’ve decided on your High Concept project, here’s the caveat: Once you get to Earth, You won’t remember any of it. How will you carry out your mission?

***If you have the answer, why aren’t you doing it?

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