eHarmony | The 20 Percent

When I first laid eyes on him all I could see was this blinding golden light following him like a shadow.  I'd never seen light emanating from a man before.  Ever.  There he was walking towards me on that dark night, emblazoned with golden rays.  His arms, outstretched, to hold me after months of chatting... Continue Reading →

If you're the bringer of the light then you have three-fold purpose.  First, you must know you're the light-bearer.   Second, you light the way.  Third,  you must ignite the flame in others.  All the jobs are important.  If you neglect any, remember everyone in your world will be left in the dark.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, lived as a wife, divorcee, an alleged "side chick" and at 58 years old she married a prince / heir apparent.  They've been married since 2005. One day, the Duchess could possibly live as Princess Consort... Love, in all its forms, is the Philosopher's Stone and brings magic to life.  Live... Continue Reading →

  "Stop! The love you save may be your own! Darling, take it slow Or some day you'll be all alone."       Just kidding...  

It Seems to Hang On

 Long after you should have let go... It is so hard to go back to a love when nothing has changed except the fact that neither one wants to let go. I think there should be a couple's 10-step program on how to get together and then a 10-step program on how to let go... ... Continue Reading →

Journaling: Out with the Cold

I'd been stuck for a while so I went deeper in myself to find the answer.   Then on the last day of the 2016 Gregorian calendar, I had an epiphany.  It arrived with nirvana as its companion.   It was short-lived.   Freedom happens in the moments.  But I digress.  In 2013, I left my door open. I didn't mean... Continue Reading →

Fight, Flight or Dance?

"Doobie-doo run, run, run..." Unlike most pop music, the soul jam "Running Away", from the 70s, kicks off with a musical hook - "Doobie-doo run, run, run" 3 words; 2 that aren't words and one that is, is repeated 3 times, casually hiding its poignant message. The woman chants the hook about 8 times before... Continue Reading →

  Love shines light on life to bring clarity. With the light of Love you can see through all the bullshit but not be dragged down in it.

Wednesday Wisdom | Secret to Success

"You cannot excel at anything you do not love" -Karakurt You cannot excel in what yon do not love, and you cannot love what you do not understand." - Colonel Wilford at Hythe Original quote from "A Volunteer's Narrative of the Hythe course of Instruction in Musketry - Volume 6 1860 Oxford University  

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