Aligning Brand Identity with Public Image

Corporate Event Management

Throwing a party or gala is a surefire way to get the community behind your project.  Inviting those who are served by your mission is one of the best ways to demonstrate to stakeholders your organization’s commitment.  

The board of directors, of this Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh – community projects program, desired to bring attention to the neighborhood it sought to revitalize. Kmart Classic race officials determined part of the cycling course would go through the East Wheeling neighborhood. And with that news, we planned and hosted a viewing party complete with educational activities, giveaways, live band performance, and fun!


Although the community celebration was a modest event, it brought the organization high-profile visibility, especially with West Virginia’s Governor in attendance.  My small staff of 3 and volunteers was able to pull off the event while keeping costs low.  As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, and with the support of the board, we solicited sponsors for in-kind donations which allowed benefactors to align themselves with a good cause. Read more Fundraising 101 here.

Here, in the video,  you can see the children benefited from the exposure to a professional sport that promotes exercise and good health while interacting with community leaders.