Your Friendship Style Can Harm Your Business and Career.

All commercial transactions are based on relationships.   All selling is social - whether you work a 9 to 5, are looking for a job, or are an entrepreneur; your friendship style can assist you achieving your professional goal or push it further away.  Therefore, it's important to know "friend" style. 

A look into the black hole known as facebook ...  My story will reveal" "You can check in, but you can't check out". Want to know more about txt fyi? here's some  background -

What’s in a Name, N–ger?

I'm always amazed when black people say the N-word is a term of endearment or familiarity -yet the conventional spelling is rarely used to indicate this 'truth'. Same with this painting that hangs in Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture. The artist, Barkley Hendricks says he means to be provocative but the... Continue Reading →

Oh Stewardess | Hart and Seoul Travel

See what I did there.  Heh, heh. For those who don't know - I live and work here in the Atlanta Metro. So, from time to time Oh, Stewardess will feature travel news reports as it relates to the world's busiest airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and our hometown airline, the sometime customer-service challenged, PR... Continue Reading →

Ahh, It’s Bootsy, Baby | Happy Black Music Month

    Bootsy Collins Exhibit Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture Washington, DC (May 2017) "This nearly exact replica of the Mothership was designed by George Clinton and Jules Fisher was used during several performances. Gift of Love to the Planet" Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture Washington, DC... Continue Reading →

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, lived as a wife, divorcee, an alleged "side chick" and at 58 years old she married a prince / heir apparent.  They've been married since 2005. One day, the Duchess could possibly live as Princess Consort... Love, in all its forms, is the Philosopher's Stone and brings magic to life.  Live... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger’s Award

Mystery Blogger’s Award It’s an honor to reciprocate this award, but there is a little work to put into it: Post the award/ image on your blog (above) Thank whoever nominated you and give a link back to their blog. Mention the creator of the award and give a link back to their blog. Nominate... Continue Reading →

Remembering those who served in the military and have now departed. Thank You for your sacrifice. #MemorialDay2017

Author Digs Facts to Tell Story of First Black Female Aviator by Nita Lelyveld dateline: Washington - She was pioneer American Aviator. Her flight drew big crowds. She was daring and exciting and beautiful, too. And she died tragically while flying, But unlike her contemporary Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman made no splash in history. Bessie... Continue Reading →

Attn: Yo-Yo Dieters 

Lost weight? Gained weight over the winter? Thinking of cleaning out your clothes closet? Don't toss 'em.  Size rack  'em. And if your friends stay in your closet - well now it's easier for them to pick and choose. These size dividers come 3 to each size  small, med, large, XL and XXL and 0-28... Continue Reading →

Have you ever watched a movie and noticed the main character is reading a book?  In the film, X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)  Scully has at her bedside "Beautiful Wasps Having Sex" by Dori Carter . The fiction story has an intriguing premise - especially if you're one who has wondered why movie studio... Continue Reading →

You are who you are…

You are who you are.  You just need to find where your talents can make a difference. In other words, you must find where you fit. Let me back up a bit. The conversation that led to this epiphany began how it always starts - with gossip. My daughter mentioned that a married couple, we... Continue Reading →

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