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#TBT | Do You Remember Who You Are?

The exalted ones in our world remembered their life’s mission. They were born ready and eschewed reprogramming. They knew their purpose. They knew what they’re going to do. And soon as they could, they went about their business.


But many of us forget our mission soon after we survive traumatic labor and delivery. For most, the entire birthing process renders us amnestic. We can’t even call it retrograde amnesia because, according to those ushering us into this world, we’re a clean slate. We can’t speak, so most just believe we’re a mass of clay to be molded. Or we’re waiting to be filled with knowledge by our parents. That’s right. Our mothers, maybe fathers, are our first ‘software’ programmers. 


 If we’re lucky, our parents’ coding skills will guide us to personal discovery. But if they too were traumatized and endured the same fate, we may be SOL. Short of having a smooth trauma-free delivery; if we’re to remember our mission, we must be committed to the process heralded by the African proverb “Know thyself. “1