A Soldier’s Heart Re-Membered

I feel like I’ve read this post before – and I’ve read it in its entirety every time. The thing is, this year, your message informed my response to Veteran’s Day. It didn’t feel suitable to post thank you to veterans because I didn’t understand what I was thanking them for – that is, until this morning when I reread your post.

Often, we do things without thinking it through, but our heart tugs at us to do something and participate anyway. But what if MA’at also means consulting with your logical brain and feeling your heart before acting?

What if Maat represents the mind, the balance of logic and feeling. What if listening to men is a symbol of logic and listening to women is consulting the heart? When I looked up the etymology of Maat, the website listed “truth.”
I don’t know the word’s etymology in its indigenous language – but this is the path my mind wandered down this morning.

In doing so, I realized I could say “thank you” to veterans- not for their results, necessarily, but for their heart’s intent. The heart knows what we keep hidden from ourselves – and maybe they fought for the cause of Balance and Justice. This is my takeaway after listening to NPR’s Tiny Desk honoring 25 years of The Lion King on Broadway. Oddly, NPR posted the concert on 11/11/22.

As I listened to their singing, understanding can result when consulting both our heart and the binary programming for the brain (logic) to achieve truth through discernment.

So once again, thank you for sharing this awakening prose.

No. <- is a complete sentence.

No usually follows a request for something we’ve decided to decline. Because let’s face it, there are so many hours in the day- and we must allocate our time to first say yes to ourselves. We then assign what’ time we have left to other activities we’ve ranked as important. Now, of course, this isn’t new information. Neither is, what we say no to depends on who is asking. 

But how about this? 

Have we learned how to say no to things that render us bit players in our own lives? 

The other day, I heard a BBC commentator say, “they’ve come here to join because they want to be part of something bigger. ” Or was it greater? Sadly, that type of media conditioning is divisive. Yet, many swallow this concept hook, line, and sinker. But worse, it is a lie, like the deceptive lure we use to catch fish for dinner. Here’s the truth. A human-made movement isn’t bigger or greater – it’s a trap.

In the made-for-TV movie “Roots,” Omoro Kinte holds his newborn up to the heavens and proclaims, “Behold, the only thing greater than yourself.” Omoro then names his baby boy, Kunte.

The Universe is greater -and by the very nature of your birth, you are already part of it. So why do we continue to search for the proverbial chair we’re already sitting in? You are the leader in your journey through the Universe. Full Stop

So, act accordingly, be present in every moment of your life because your only possession here is the moments- and once it’s gone, so are you. That’s probably why No is the shortest sentence in the English language. It conveys its message with a quickness. 

By the way, the second shortest sentence is “I AM.” 

Do you sense a pattern? I do.