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On the 7 with Dr. Sean Guest: Thea Monyee

Thea Monyee‘, Licensed Therapist, flips the script on pain and trauma. The self-described multimedia guru uses each and every medium to bring us back to a place of LOVE. Lucky for me, I stumbled on this brilliant psychotherapist on’s sign-in page. I found her intriguing on sight and went to her website because I’m always looking for new ways to use this digital platform. To my surprise, I found a woman whose form of expression touched my soul. If you have the time, check her out on FOX SOUL‘s “On the 7 with Dr. Sean.” Monyee’s provocative way with words is paradigm-shifting.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Joy & Pleasure Coach

  1. Thanks for the heads-up & kind words, fam… glad we found each other in the blogosphere 🙂 I’m already intrigued by the title of the podcast… will check it out. Be well.


  2. She’s very insightful. I really appreciate the historical context Thea Monyee brings to the discussion of sexual healing/reparations… the shadow-work we have to do for our emotional-bodies to be purged of the historical traumas/rape-crimes that cause dissociation & disable our access to pleasure/joy. Thanks so much for sharing, sis 💜 I’ll be looking her up some more!

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    1. I can’t remember if I mentioned, but Thea Monyee also has a podcast called “Shaping the Shift.” She and her guests always share nuggets of wisdom in each show. I feel like I’m on a path to connect with women such as you – who have a wealth of African antiquity to share.

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