Compassion Keeps Pace

Compassion doesn’t equal guilt. Feeling sorry for someone who’s experiencing difficulty serves no one.  Unless that is, it helps you think you’re in a superior position. (side-eye)   So if not guilt, then what?

Well, remember, the root word of compassion is Pass.

From Lexico – Latin:  com – together; passus -pace or step.

So, wouldn’t it make sense that compassion means




But to feel compassion requires us to do some spiritual heavy lifting.

First, you got to feel comfortable with the idea that everything that breathes is equal.

Wait. What?

So once you can wrap your mind around that, compassion means living together as one  or “perishing together as fools.”

“The universe doesn’t recognize good or evil; it only understands balance or imbalance~” Walternate – Fringe (2008-2013).

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