Take Care of Home

True Story:
I almost lost a full month of Amazon fees because I hadn’t checked my website during February. During the shortest month of the year, I visited, AALBC dot com forums; I visited Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and probably a lot of websites, but I hadn’t checked my sites. (I manage 5 and also moderate #readingblack dot com )

So, how did I almost lose a month of Amazon ad fees?

I didn’t update my plugins and practically blew up my website (a WordPress dot org website, which is an open-source content management system.) Since I don’t have the technical skills to fix broken sites, I usually pay GoDaddy techs to do the job – but I didn’t budget for February tech repairs. So, my website would have to go offline. Or so I thought. Long story, now coming to an end – I started tinkering around GoDaddy wp-admin page and found I could update the plugins from there, and it worked!

On February 27, my website went back online, and I made a few extra dollars in Amazon fees before the month ended… (Go Me!)

The moral of my story. Check your digital property first! Visit it as a visitor then again as an admin! Check it. Even if you don’t have anything to update; or any new subscribers or an article to post. Check your site before any others. And if you are already doing this – I wish you would have written an article about it. Chances are I would have read it first! LOL


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