Currently Reading | A Commitment to Make Time

Currently Reading: Severed by VL Towler.

It’s billed as a mystery set in a Louisiana town. The first thing that pulled me into the story was the forensic anthropologist who happens to be a single black woman and how she relates to those in the world around her.

I felt a certain familiarity looking through Dr. Lula Logan’s eyes at her world and – the way she collides with the worlds of others.

Or at least, it feels as if that’s how I engage with others right before I retreat into my own “Life of Walter Mitty”.
I started this book some time ago, got busy and put it on the back-burner.

Then I thought,

make time to read.

Make a commitment to this book with a protagonist who looks like you.

Commit time to read like you used to do in your youth.

Reading like writing forces you to close out the world around you, enter a world of your own making or the world of someone’s making.

Reading/Writing a book is selfish undertaking.

One that we all owe to ourselves. ~ MH

Severed: A Novel