Goals are Wishes with Deadlines

Do you struggle with your goals?

You’re not alone.  I recently found a list of goals I wrote on December 31, 2007.  Here it is almost 9 years later and guess how many of those goals did I achieve?

A big fat zero!

So you might ask yourself,

“why the heck should I read any further?  There’s nothing this woman can teach me about goal achievement.”

To that, I would say…WRONG!

Now listen.  We are exactly one month from the big “Make a resolution” day.  You may know it as New Year’s Day.   And if you’re one of the 62% of Americans  1 that make a resolution – stay with me.  I’m going to give 3 tips on how to achieve your goals.

  • Review your current life choice. Review your decisions. Your decisions must support your choice.  Your goal must be aligned with your choice.

When I made my resolutions – they were career goals. What I didn’t consider, however, was the fact I was about to embark on a new career of Flying the Friendly Skies.  Yep, that’s right, I set goals related to my marketing /editorial vocation – and then I took the skies of United Airlines.

I chose to see the world.  More than 20 countries and 8 years later; I landed back on terra firma.  In doing so, I didn’t achieve the goals I set in 2007, but I did accomplish a few undeclared goals as a result of my temporary career change.

A lot of us make goals, but we fail at achieving them because they’re not aligned with the path we choose.  Although I didn’t realize at the time, I had a different vision for my life.

So remember with any plan, the goal is a part of the life you envisage; a mental picture of something not yet existing or known.

  • Picture how your life looks once you achieve your goal.

Now that you have a picture in your mind; write the story.    Use the plotline format, if it helps.

  • Who is the protagonist?
  • What is the problem?
  • How will life look once the challenge is overcome?

For example The Fugitive (1993)2

Who: Dr. Richard Kimble

Problem: Unjustly accused of murdering his wife;  now the target of a nationwide manhunt.

Goal: Must find the real killer to clear his name and gain his freedom

OK, maybe your goal setting isn’t that dramatic – but when you see it in those terms, it becomes something real, tangible and definitely achievable.

  • Stay focused on your goal so you can achieve it

Plotting your strategy and tactics will help chart your course.

Voila, before you know it –you’re one of the 8% of Americans 3 who are actually successful at achieving your New Year’s Resolution.


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