The Haunting

rope-986616_1920Do you walk around with a nagging suspicion that you’ve lost something?  You don’t know what’s missing but you’re convinced if you find it you’ll feel better.

Newsflash, you haven’t lost anything.

You’ve left something behind; your vocation.

Did you know Merriam-Webster identifies the etymology of vocation as vocare which is Latin for CALL?  Some even interpret it as a spiritual calling and yours is haunting you.

You were actively involved in some vocation, your true life’s calling and then all of a sudden it wasn’t important to you anymore and you left it undone.   Now there it sits right where you left it; left in a point in time, like a lost puppy, waiting for your return.  

That nagging sensation whimpering in your subconscious is your personal “unfinished business” and it has you stuck.

Like a prank call, it interrupts, preventing you from moving forward on your life’s journey.   The thing is although you may have quit, your life’s calling didn’t quit you.

When you’re still, it nuzzles up right beside you whispering in your ear, “Remember me”.

Life has a funny way of showing us what is important. If it matters, it won’t leave us alone.

Does this seem familiar?  Then now is the time to tie up those loose ends.

Your life is calling.