How to take over the world…


“…always ready to take over the world, even one city block at a time due to budgetary constraints” – One of the finest engineering minds of our era – Dr J

Maybe your goal isn’t to take over the world.   It could be a small project such as preparing a proposal to win a lucrative book contract.  Yet you find yourself overwhelmed and underfunded to even do that activity.  Step back, take a breath and ask yourself, “what city block can I conquer today that will put me closer to achieving my overall goal.” Whatever step that is, take it.    Even if time runs out, you will have completed a task that will be ready for you when pursuing the next opportunity.   ~MH

Tao of the Panty

The Fairmont Hotel | Vancouver, BC

It was a simple goal, one I conceived while showering. Aim, shoot, and land my panties next to my other undies on the sink.

Simple enough, I’m sure it seems, but I was in this glass-enclosed shower stall which meant before the panties could reach the designated spot, they would first have to clear the door’s rim and then land on the sink…

Aside: The bathroom in Fairmont Hotel is exquisite. It is a real BATH, BASIN, and SHOWER room — with a separate room for the toilet. It truly is one of my favorite layover hotels — if only for the designer bathroom.

But I digress.

So I slipped out of my panties, washed them as I’d normally would — rinsed them, balled them up: “She aims, she shoots, she scores!!!”

Just like that — I achieved my goal! Then I thought through what steps it took to achieve the goal. I focused on two things — two things and nothing else — the hurdle I had to clear and the outcome (where I wanted my panties to land.) That was it.

The moral of the story —  If you want to accomplish something, pay respect to the hurdle but keep your eye on your goal.