Photo Albums: A Missed Opportunity?

Reports indicate the earliest recorded photograph may have been taken in 1825.

And we have been snapping pictures ever since.

Matriarch Annie photo taken circa (1950)

This photo of my great-great grandmother

isn’t the oldest photo in our collection, but it’s a photo of the oldest member of my family to be photographed (1950).

Matriarch Annie, here, was born in 1865 to a Blackfoot Indian who went by the name “Osborne” (most likely last name) and an East African (Haplogroup L3) woman.

My family tree isn’t the focus; the photos are. (See what I did there. Heh heh)

I ventured into our storeroom in hot pursuit of a set of publicity photos from the feature film “How Stella got Her Groove Back“. The film is based on the Terry McMillan book by the same name.

20th Century Fox How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Then it hit me; what in the heavens do we do with the hundreds of thousands of family photos we take generation after generation?

Is there a “Library of Families” where we can archive these photos? If there isn’t one, it should be.

We put our photos in albums, boxes, cedar closets, on our phones, tablets, online ancestry platforms… The list is endless.

Where do you keep your family photos?

See! Here’s a thought…

I betcha, if we all uploaded our family photos (yes, even photos of family members we’d rather keep a secret) we would see we have more in common than our differences…

We’d find out

“We  are family”.

Cue the music –

Happy May Day!