Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, lived as a wife, divorcee, an alleged "side chick" and at 58 years old she married a prince / heir apparent.  They've been married since 2005. One day, the Duchess could possibly live as Princess Consort... Love, in all its forms, is the Philosopher's Stone and brings magic to life.  Live... Continue Reading →

The Unknowable – Got You Under a Spell

Why would anyone label a subject unknowable?   What purpose would that mental construct serve? Do we use the term unknowable so we could claim plausible deniability for our actions as we move through this journey called life? Or do we claim unknowable so we can surrender our will to something or someone outside of... Continue Reading →

The Magicians

"The most powerful magic trick a magician can perform is to see through the illusion.  Break the spell." "Magic doesn't come from talent; it comes from pain" Mystery of creation (prayer) may have to do with intonation and not "words" ~MH 02/07/15

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