Our Story

Just a reminder. Your life is an open book. No matter how high you rise or how low you go; someone, somewhere can share a part of your story.

Snowday 2017

Georgia received a late gift from the harvest goddess, Autumnus. Snow began to fall here in Douglas County around 10 AM. Schools let out around the same time to prevent the snowmaggedon catastrophe we experienced in 2014. This video shows what it looked like a short time after Noon. This school bus, shown, handled my... Continue Reading →

Entertain and train. "You can kill the dreamer but not the dream." Especially, if the dreamer has the forethought to mentor the multitudes they have inspired.

50 Ways to Say Yes to You

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 5. Pay off your credit cards every month. (Or just pay cash and maintain your freedom) 6.... Continue Reading →

Hearts and Minds

An impassioned voice is enough to awaken hearts and encourage others. Together, they will serve to amplify a message and rally the masses. In a democracy, where both hardened and enlightened hearts exist; can silence ever be golden?

Shit happens. Don't immortalize it. If we survive it, internalize what it is left; LOVE. Inspiration Source: Journaling: Out with The Cold

Pay to Play

You are a talented programmer.  You've created a new video game called, My Life.  Yes, My Life is a virtual game based on the life you're living right now. Would you pay to play it? Could your game generate $2 Million in its first week?   Or would My Life become a certified flop? By July... Continue Reading →

A Mystery Awaits

Each day is a gift. It’s amazing how easy we forget. We wake-up to our present.  We push it aside and, look back on the past.   We sneak a peek at our neighbor’s present. We try to guess the future. Before we drift off, we take one last glimpse at our present. We promise to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone

In 2016, there were 156 million non-Hispanic and  70 million racial/ethnic minority eligible voters. Of those 70 million racial/ethnic eligible voters; 27,338 were black eligible voters (roughly 12,019,000 black men and 15,319,283* black women) 16,400,000 black eligible voters (Men and Women) cast a ballot in Election 2016. 60% (or 9,191,570) black women reported they voted. ... Continue Reading →

Amid Hurricane destruction, School is Open

In Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands, a 13-year-old girl started her own a school despite the once beautiful island, where she lives, is now in ruins. She wants the younger children to be prepared to advance in their grades when the island returns to normal. In other parts of the island, many remind onlookers they... Continue Reading →

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