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5 learning stages are awareness, awkwardness, application, assimilation, artistry,

Smart People Show their Work

a photo of an elementary student in a classroom
PS 282 Scholar

Just like a diamond sparkles when light hits it, showing its superior cut and clarity– smart people have evidence of their brilliance.

Think back to elementary school when a teacher assigned a math problem, you supplied the answer and the teacher marked it wrong.

Or maybe your teacher wasn’t so harsh and instead gave you partial credit for supplying an answer.

Do you remember her remarks next to the math problem?

Deciding Factors | The Use of Knowledge is Power

book-646642_1920In the absence of feeling, I rely on observation. In the absence of observation, I rely on evidence. In the absence of evidence, I rely on experience (mine and others). In the absence of experience, I turn to life’s cheat sheet called facts.

Relying on facts is the most difficult way to make a decision because you must be equipped with the ability to synthesize information.