Circumstance Changes, Not Goals

“I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches. I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works.” ~The Duchess of Sussex, nee’ Meghan Markle

There are two things you must learn in  life; never say never and when goals meet with a change in circumstance; the response can be and, instead of either or.

For example, let’s say while working as an actor, you have also decided your life’s work will be social justice and women empowerment. Then one day you meet a prince, fall in love and marry.

You’ll get a title when the status of your relationship changes.
You may wear a different uniform. Maybe, one fashioned for a duchess that requires wearing silk stockings.

While short-sightedness may impair the vision of others; you see undergarments have no bearing on values.

Hosiery won’t change the goal. Your mission remains the same.

What has changed is your platform. Your audience reach has grown exponentially. You realize you can be a woman who works on a global scale and the lady who lunches on cucumber sandwiches.

You also know life happens while making plans. It usually exceeds expectation; good, bad and or indifferent.

The change in plans above could be considered painless.

That’s not always the case. Sometimes changes are uncomfortable and make goals appear as if they’re unattainable.

They’re not. It’s your perspective that’s askew.

Level up, then look closely. You’ll notice; like Heraclitus allegedly said, change is the only constant. And it always arrives with a new a platform, set of resources and new tools at your disposal.

Use them.

And as the British say, carry-on. Your goal awaits you.

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