Trigger Warning | Unlocking Spiritual Closets

“Niagara Falls” is a popular vaudeville comedy skit where performers exploit repressed memories and its triggers.In the skit, "Niagara Falls" two comedians meeting for the first time engage in polite conversation. This continues until one uses “Niagara Falls” in the conversation.“Niagara Falls” seems to be the trigger that takes the comedian back to an unpleasant... Continue Reading →

Have You Heard about Copyright Office Changes?

  The Register of Copyrights Bill (H.R. 1695 Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017) had its second roll call in the senate moving it closer to a reality. Currently the Director (Registers of Copyrights) Karen Temple Cleggett (acting) reports to the Librarian of Congress (Dr. Carla Hayden ) who has the authority... Continue Reading →

If you're the bringer of the light then you have three-fold purpose.  First, you must know you're the light-bearer.   Second, you light the way.  Third,  you must ignite the flame in others.  All the jobs are important.  If you neglect any, remember everyone in your world will be left in the dark.

"You came up with a great story idea but 8 hours later you're still trying to write the article. Next step: it goes into the abyss also known as the  the draft folder.   Save time by pitching your ideas to your inner editor first. "   A good pitch to your inner editor puts distance between you, your great idea and content development.

SHORT LIST A writer is a storyteller. Someone who creates content that contains a plot and has a beginning, middle and ending.  The story can have 6 words or 60,000 in which the writer shares a message with her audience through the spoken or written word. Ex. Something happened to a young woman and if she's... Continue Reading →

I burn bridges. Anywhere I want to be or anyone I need to see is in the here and now with me.

Help Desk: FOG Disposal

An easy way to use your disposable items such as, a used Starbucks coffee bag and newspaper plastic bag, to dispose of Fats, Oils and Grease accumulated after cooking your delicious meals. 

Help Desk: Electronics Repair

Ever call your cable company for assistance and the CSR (customer service representative) asks for the equipment serial number from the back or bottom of the box? Don't unplug. Just take a photo of the sticker and recite the number. Registering new equipment? Works perfectly for those too tiny to read serial numbers too. Snap... Continue Reading →

Email Account Hacked? Once you recover your email account Keep it Private: Don't make public email addresses you use to  sign-up for online accounts.  Use a different email address  for public contact.  Also use the two-step security measure that most Email Hosting/ISP offer.  It's extra work but since we do so much online it's better... Continue Reading →

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