Traveling NRSA on United? It’s Business Casual, Baby

Travel Dress Code Woes

After United’s leggings debacle, this past Sunday (03-26-17), for pass-riding passengers who are minors, it seems they’ve allegedly updated their dress-code.

For those traveling Non-Revenue Space Available (Buddy Passes)

New Rules:

If this list is accurate, there seems to be no wiggle-room in the dress code for children. So it’s business casual for those pass-riding infants too!


Stealing Lives

Imagine living your whole life wishing you were someone/something else.

Waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror seeing your face then covering it up with the looks of someone you’ve seen in a magazine.

Suiting up in armor like a robot so no one can get close to you… and if they did, you’d never know if they loved you or the idea of who you hide behind. Continue reading “Stealing Lives”